‘I Could Die': 13 Suspects Trash House During Hyattsville Home Invasion

The suspects trashed the home, breaking windows, a TV and a computer

Two young women say they were scared they might die when 13 people burst into a home in Hyattsville, Maryland, and began trashing it.

Amatullah Washington was upstairs at her home with her friend Sade Lucas when the suspects broke in on the evening of July 9. It was still daylight outside.

"They kicked the door in. It shattered. Like, split. The lock was on the floor," Washington said.

"In the blink of an eye, it was like, I could die," Lucas said.

Prince George’s County police say the group was looking for a man who was involved in an earlier incident at a neighborhood pool, but didn’t find him.

"And I tell the people who are already at the door trying to come in, 'You cannot be here. This is someone's home," Lucas said.

But the group didn’t listen.

Cameras captured the suspects going in and out of the house.

Washington says they trashed her home, breaking windows, a large TV downstairs and a laptop computer.

"It's falling apart at this very moment," Washington said while showing News4 the broken laptop.

The suspects also stole cash and a credit card from the home.

Two of the teens were identified and face charges.

Police are still working to identify the other people involved.

"I thank God that we're still here and we're still OK and that everyone's OK," Lucas said.

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