Hung Jury in Case of Inmate Accused of Ordering Hit on Uncle

A mistrial due to a hung jury was declared in the case of a man accused of ordering a hit on his uncle while in jail in order to prevent him from testifying in a double murder trial.

Brian Mayhew, who is accused of ordering Stanley Winston and Anthony Cannon to kill his uncle, was convicted in that trial and is serving life in prison.

The jury could not reach a verdict in the trial of the three men.

The uncle, Nicoh Mayhew, had told a grand jury that his nephew and friend Kenan Myers shot and killed two men in 2011. But before he could testify in the actual trial, Nicoh was killed and his 2-year-old son was injured in a shooting outside his mother's Seat Pleasant apartment in 2012.

Brian ordered the hit on his uncle while he was locked up in Prince George's County jail, prosecutors said.

It allegedly was done with a series of security loopholes commonly used by inmates, according to court testimony. Brian Mayhew allegedly had a girlfriend outside the jail set up Google Voice numbers, and he used another inmate's telephone ID to communicate with two hit men, prosecutors said.

Keith Parris, attorney for co-defendant Winston, said that although the state has hours of recorded jail conversations between Brian Mayhew and the alleged shooters planning the shooting, plus surveillance video of two men approaching Nicoh Mayhew to kill him, it's not enough to prosecute.

No fingerprints, DNA or cellphone tracking puts the defendants at the scene, he said.

"Even with the telephone conversations, it is the state's interpretation," Parris said. "The state is saying this is what you should interpret this call, these words to mean."

In one of those recordings, Brian Mayhew allegedly told Winston to kill Nicoh Mayhew at point blank range, saying that's what he would do if he were going to kill his uncle.

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