Ukraine-Russia War

Hundreds Rally for Ukraine at Lincoln Memorial

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A large crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial Sunday to call for more global action to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A screen showed the faces of just some of the innocent people who’ve died during Russian attacks in Ukraine.

Dmitry Valuev was among the Russians there to show support for Ukraine, saying pro-democracy Russians cannot be silent.

“We call on all Russians in the United States and across the globe to join Ukrainians to speak up to express the disagreement with the war, to express the disagreement with Putin,” he said.

Many held flags and signs, calling on the U.S. and the world to stand with Ukraine. Some are asking for a no-fly zone.

“Putin attacked Ukraine because he couldn’t stand the prospect of a free, democratic and prosperous neighbor on Russia’s border,” one speaker said.

“We are educating and inspiring the citizens of the world to once again rally and to stand up for the cause of democracy,” another said.

Hundreds of people turned out for the rally. Ukrainians who’ve been in this country for years said they cannot believe the images they’re seeing of civilians being killed.

“There’s a war against innocent people right now, and they’re dying, and the biggest government in the world can actually do a lot of things,” one demonstrator said. “They’re doing a lot, but they can do much more.”

The rally was also an opportunity to raise money for supplies to send to Ukraine to help soldiers and citizens. Donation for Ukraine is among those organizations.

“What we’re capitalizing on is providing medical but also tactical supplies and equipment for Ukrainians in need,” a member said.

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