Hundreds March From White House to US Capitol in Protest of Police Shootings

One protester has been arrested, police say

Demonstrators filled D.C.'s streets Thursday night in protest of two police shootings that have sparked another heated debate about police brutality in America.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an officer fatally shot 37-year-old Alton Sterling during a confrontation outside a convenience store. Outside St. Paul, Minnesota, an officer fatally shot 32-year-old Philando Castile during a traffic stop.

Hundreds gathered outside the White House at 8 p.m. to protest Sterling and Castile's deaths. 

"If there was an epidemic of white, college-age men being shot and killed by police officers something would have been done by now and their murderers would have been indicted and jailed for their crimes," said one woman participating in the protests.

Protesters chanted, "Don't shoot! Hands up!" as they marched from the White House to the U.S. Capitol Building.

Some groups appeared to storm through metal barricades set up around the Capitol. 

U.S. Capitol Police said one person has been arrested for crossing a police line.

D.C. Police said rolling road closures were in effect during the march.

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