Website Documents Hoyas Gone Wild

Website wants to nab Georgetown students behaving badly

Most college students have heard the warnings: be careful how you act at parties, or some embarrassing pictures could wind up on the Internet. Georgetown students should take special note of this warning; now there’s a website dedicated to nabbing hammered Hoyas in the act.

According to Saxaspeak, northwest D.C. resident Stephen Brown was fed up with what he considered loud and rude Georgetown students in his Burleith neighborhood, so he created the site

“There’s a long history of drunkenness in Georgetown,” says a post on the website. “So if you see bad behavior, make a phone call. You not only help yourself, you help a student perhaps study for an exam or a neighbor write a book. You may even prevent a ‘tragic death.’”

The site features pictures of students (or at least those who look like students) in action -- hanging out on townhouse roofs, drinking on the street, and throwing loud parties on decks and patios.

The site wants to do more than just shame college students. The site tells other neighbors what they can do to report bad behavior. And the site may be branching out as well to Facebook and Twitter.

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