How to Stage Your Home for Zoom

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With every Zoom or Skype we do these days, we're getting a glimpse into how people live.

Some backdrops are blank, while others are full. Really full.

Red House Staging stages homes for sale and turns them into a buyers dream.

If they can stage a house, surely they can stage a Zoom right?

“I think I want my coworker to look at me with my Zoom calls and say, 'Oh, wow! I think Syd's apartment is really cute. It's kind of how I would expect her personal space to look,'” Red House Staging Senior Project Manager Sydney Gaskins said.

Gaskins said a professional looking Zoom call should be in a common space like your kitchen, living or dining room.

Don't Zoom in your bedroom. Just don’t.

A candle sits atop books on a desk.
Red House Staging

To give the right look, Gaskins says it boils down to a handful of simple things:

  • bright pillows
  • stack of books
  • plants
  • candles  
  • artwork

“Trying to keep my mess as organized as possible makes my work head a little more clear as well," Gaskins said.


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No one’s space is clean all the time, but that  doesn't mean your coworkers need to see a mess.

A well-staged Zoom can not only make you look more professional, it can help you feel that way, too. 

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