How to Know if Your Car Has Been Recalled

Millions of drivers are behind the wheel of recalled cars, according to new research from Carfax.

The data suggests about 46 million cars nationwide have at least one safety recall that’s never been fixed. In D.C., Maryland and Virginia, about two million cars have unfixed recalls. Carfax bases its research on vehicle registrations and open recall information from manufacturers.

If you’re unsure if you're affected, there’s one easy way to check: Visit, or download the MyCarfax app on your phone. There, you’ll enter your license plate number and will be instantly able to see if your car is affected, and if it’s safe to drive. Carfax will also automatically alert you of any potential future recalls once you enter in your information.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also has an app called ‘SaferCar’ that allows users to see real-time vehicle safety information.

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