How Metro Stacks Up to Other Transit Systems

Cost, ridership numbers compared

How does Metro stack up to other mass transit systems in terms of ridership and cost?

According to a nifty graph created by Good Magazine, not bad at all.

Good says Metro has the second-highest number of riders in the U.S. with 215.3 million per year. That pales in comparison to New York City's subway system at 1.5 billion(!), but is more than Chicago (190.3), Boston (187.5) and San Francisco (100).

And as for the price? Good says the average price of a ride in D.C. is $1.85, ranking it third among the top five U.s. mass transit systems. Chicago is highest at $2.25, followed by New York ($2), D.C., Boston ($1.70) and San Fran ($1.50).

But mass transit in other parts of the world seems to have caught on a lot more.

Check out the chart to see how U.S. systems compare to others worldwide. It's pretty astonishing.

(Hat tip to Urban Turf)

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