House Staff Gym Disinfected After MRSA Report

Employee reports contracting nasty strain of staph

WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives staff gym got some special attention after an employee caught MRSA.

The extra sanitization was a precaution, according to Karissa Marcum, a representative of the House. It's unknown how or where the employee contracted the infection, but since the employee is a member of the House Staff Fitness Center, the Office of the Attending Physician recommended the extra cleaning.

All gym equipment gets cleaned daily with a disinfectant, virucidal and fungicidal solution, Marcum said. The shower areas are sanitized twice daily: once after the morning hours and once in the evening.

The MRSA report prompted an additional blast of disinfectant.

The House staff notified fitness center members about the case and is offering them MRSA information.

The House "stapher" will keep away from the gym until healing is complete, the Hill reported.

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