House Shot Up in Sterling, Virginia

A house was shot up overnight on a quiet street in Virginia.

Several bullets hit a house in the Grand Central Square neighborhood of Sterling about 1:50 a.m. Friday.

“They unloaded the whole gun very violently,” said neighbor Steven Jacques.

He was standing outside his house when the shots were fired.

“As soon as the second shot went off I was ducking,” Steven Jacques said. “I mean, it was that loud. I had to feel myself to make sure I wasn’t shot. It was that close.”

Several bullets struck a town home where three residents were inside, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. No one was hurt.

“This neighborhood is nice, man,” Jacques said. “Don’t never have nothing like that happen. It’s scary. And there are a bunch of kids that live next door to where it happened.”

About 10 minutes away, an apartment building in Ashburn was shot up earlier this month. Bullets pierced through a wall and hit a clothes dryer, barely missing a young girl.

It is unclear if the shootings are related.

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