Donald Trump

House Oversight Committee to Investigate Decision Not to Relocate FBI Headquarters

Congress will launch an investigation into President Donald Trump administration's decision to cancel the relocation of FBI headquarters.

Maryland and Virginia had been competing to be new home to the FBI, which has long outgrown its old D.C. headquarters.

The House Oversight Committee will investigate why the decision was made not to relocate and by whom.

Local House members now running the powerful committee and expect many local issues to be front and center. Five local democrats sit on the committee, including the chairman. They control the agenda of a committee that's likely to be investigating the Trump administration its policies.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., will chair a subcommittee that will investigate the backlog of security clearances for local federal workers, the called-off relocation of FBI headquarters and other issues of local importance.

“We have a constitutional job to provide that because we’re a separate but coequal branch of government, and we got a mandate in November to do just that,” he said. “The public clearly wants checks and balances on this president — as they do on every president — and we’re going to take that mission very seriously and that constitutional oath very seriously. I take an oath every two years in this job, and I’m going to live up to that oath.”

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