Horse Accident Could Have Delayed Inaugural Parade Even More

Local animal rescuers came to the aid of a horse that was injured as the parade was getting ready to start.

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's luncheon delayed the Inaugural parade Tuesday but a horse accident could have made things even worse.  There was no horsing around for some animal rescuers who rushed to the gelding's aid.

One of the parade participants, a 10-year-old horse who might be living up to his name -- Mouse -- was scared when he heard a car door shut, the Frederick News-Post reported. He then backed up into a truck and kicked his hind legs into the grill of the vehicle.

Secret Service agents and police helped rush Brooke Vrany of Days End Farm Rescue to the scene where she and Humane Society volunteers freed the horse's legs.

Once he recovered, Mouse had a bandaged leg and a few stitches. Mouse's owners brought him all the way from the Eastern Shore to participate in the festivities as a steed in the South Ohio Ladies Aside, a women's sidesaddle riding club. The rider is a friend of the owners.

Mouse is said to be doing well and recovering happily in his barn on the Eastern Shore.

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