Obama Talks Hoops, Bowling

President happy daughter wants to play basketball

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama said he's been playing hoops on the White House basketball court and his 7-year-old daughter Sasha wants to join a basketball team.

During their initial weeks in the White House, the first family checked out the bowling alley, outdoor court and horseshoe pitch. Obama, who struggled at bowling during a campaign stop last year, joked that he wanted to use the gutter bumpers used for children's bowling.

Interviewed on the "Today" show, the president also joked about keeping his high-tech BlackBerry, saying it's like the movie "Inspector Gadget."

The first family is in the latest issue of Us magazine, but the president is missing from the cover photo, replaced by singer Jessica Simpson.

A teasing Obama said that was a "little hurtful," then reading the cover said Simpson is in a "weight battle apparently."

Secret Service OK with Obama

Obama said he has complete faith in the Secret Service to protect him after some inaugural donors questioned whether his protection was sufficient.


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Several major donors who attended inaugural events told The Washington Post they were shocked by their easy access to the new president. Obama said he has complete confidence in the Secret Service's ability to keep him safe and added: "I basically do what they tell me to do."

Obama also said he's chafing at bit at being inside the security "bubble." He said "it's the hardest adjustment of being president."

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