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Homeless Couple Says Tent, Belongings Gone

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One homeless couple in D.C. lost their shelter from the weather and the few trinkets of life they hold dear.

Stevie has been on the streets for about a year and a half. She says the death of her mother, whom she lived with, cast her into homelessness.

“So, we have our people that come at us that harass us, and that try to expose us and make us more vulnerable than what we already are," Stevie said.

But some of the regular passersby check in on them, and one woman periodically pays for their stay at an Airbnb.

Last month, she gave them a respite from life on the street.

“It had been so hot so we needed a shower and we went there during the night for the three nights,” Stevie said.

They came back daily to check on the tent, but one day it wasn't there.


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“Somebody took advantage and took our home,” she said.

Their tent and all their belongings — including irreplaceable documents and photos — were gone.

“I have things, you know what I mean, and those are precious things to me,” Stevie said.

Police are investigating.

Some say the incident is part of a bigger problem.

“Our association, Dupont East Civic Action Association, has a campaign to say 'house the homeless,' particularly, in the pandemic,” resident Nick DelleDonne said.

There are about 6,300 who are currently homeless in D.C.

Someone donated a new tent to Stevie and her partner, but her papers and photos remain missing.

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