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Home Sellers Spend Thousands on Staging. Here's How to DIY for Cheap

Staging helps potential buyers envision their lives in your home

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Staging is the alchemy that transforms a boring, empty home into something fresh and enticing. It can be an expensive process, but “it’s a must-do in today's market,” says Anne Christensen, the COO of Red House Staging.

Christensen says staging is not what it used to be, and other realtors agree it might be due to the HGTV effect.

"Sellers and buyers want the experience that they’re seeing on these real estate shows nationally,” says Corey Burr of TTR Sotheby’s Realty.

Potential buyers need to be able to envision how the space lives without seeing personal items like Christmas cards on the refrigerator or monograms on the wall.

Clients can pay thousands of dollars for staging, but Christensen is giving News4 secrets that only cost a couple hundred dollars instead.

We'll start with the kitchen. Once you've cleared the magnets from the fridge, try adding a bowl of fresh fruit on the countertop, a butcher block of knives and a new coffee maker to make your kitchen staging sing. These items can be picked up from your nearest Target or HomeGoods for a modest price.

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The family room is also a big selling point. Christensen says to go for the soft and cozy feel, with plush throw blankets and extra pillows. Fold them neatly in a woven basket to give it a snug-but-clean feeling.

In the bedrooms, specifically the master, you want to aim for a polished hotel look with fresh linens, says Christensen. White linens always look clean and professional, she says.

Last, but not least, elevate your staging by adding a little bit of greenery to every room.

“Fake plants, live plants. Either one. Succulents are great. You don’t have to water them. Home Depot sells them really inexpensively and an orchid in the bathroom is really sort of a nice touch and it just brings life into a space,” says Christensen.

By doing these instant improvements, you can make your home look like it was professionally staged — selling the dream to potential buyers.

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