Home Again: Stolen Dog Found Almost 3 Years Later

A dog stolen from his Maryland family's back yard for nearly three years is finally home again.

Harley, a German Shepherd, was found during a traffic stop Sunday morning, according to a Facebook post from Howard County Police Thursday.

The people in the car claimed they'd found the dog running in the road in Baltimore, said officer Sarah Miller. Miller had the vehicle towed "due to reasons surrounding the stop," she said, and Animal Control picked up the dog and scanned it for a microchip.

Turns out the dog had been missing since July 2015, when the owner said he was stolen from their backyard. Despite all the time that had passed, she had still been looking for him on websites and Facebook pages, the officer said. 

"I[']m still looking for you boy," said a Facebook post from early 2016.

The family was finally reuinted with Harley on Wednesday night.

"They were soooooo happy and it felt great to be able to help them," Miller wrote.

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