Rainy Christmas Eve Threatens to Complicate Holiday Travel

We're not getting a white Christmas -- but a wet and windy Christmas Eve is in the forecast as East Coast travelers prepare to hit the roads.

The rainy holiday week began with cold rain Monday, which turned to fog and a few showers Tuesday. But the bulk of the wettest weather is expected during the day on Wednesday.

Temperatures will be unseasonably mild Wednesday -- with highs in the low-to-mid 60s. But moderate to heavy rain will be falling by dawn, with wind speeds reaching 30 to 40 mph.

Your best timing to get out of town will be around midday, when the rain will likely taper off. It will return in the late afternoon and evening.

If you're hitting the roads, be extra careful and keep your speed down to wet and possibly slippery pavement.


Wednesday's expected strong winds could delay flights out of airports all over the East Coast. But weather isn't the only concern for travelers. Security lines at airports during the holidays can cause long delays, but TSA agents say there are several things passengers can do to expedite the process.

"Use a... colorful box with a lid" instead of gift wrapping packages, said Lisa Farbstein. "That way if we have to inspect it we can just open the box and we can look inside to see what it is."

Checking the top left hand corner of boarding passes could also save you some time. Even if you are not signed up for TSA Pre-Check, you may be randomly selected to skip the long lines.

"[TSA Pre-Check] allows you to keep on your shoes and your outerwear jacket," said Farbstein. "It's very convenient."

Another tip? Make sure to ship toys like water guns and fake weapons to their destination instead of trying to bring them on board.

“What happens is it looks like a gun to us in the X-ray machine,” said Farbstein. “It’s going to delay you and it is going to delay your traveling party.”

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