Downtown DC

Historic Security Measures Ease in DC After Inauguration

The breakdown was expected to take about 36 hours, D.C. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said.

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For the first time in weeks, downtown D.C. is seeing signs of historic security measures easing just hours after President Joe Biden’s inauguration Wednesday.

D.C. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said crews will remove barriers and fencing on major streets like 7th, 9th and 12th working east to west. 

“They will also begin opening garages that were blocked as a precaution. This will take some time. Give crews time/space to work safely,” Falcicchio said. 

The breakdown was expected to take about 36 hours. That aligns with the end of the pause on indoor dining, which is set to expire on Friday, Jan. 22 at 5 a.m. Restaurants will then be able to resume indoor dining at 25% capacity, Falcicchio said.

The Secret Service said the inbound lanes of the 14th Street and Roosevelt Bridges and the Memorial Bridge will likely reopen in the very early overnight hours, or by 6 a.m. Thursday at the latest.

The Memorial Bridge will be last to reopen given its proximity to the Inauguration events.

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