Hillary Clinton Stumps for Obama in Virginia

In Florida, Giuliani warns against counting McCain out

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was at George Mason University Sunday night stumping for her former rival, Barack Obama.

Clinton spoke to hundreds of supporters, donning a Patriots jacket and slamming President George W. Bush's administration.

Clinton said the economic crisis allowed voters to see Obama's strength -- calm, steady leadership.

Earlier, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani campaigned for John McCain in Florida. He said McCain can't be counted out. He said if the polls decided who would win, John Kerry would be in the White House.

Obama plans to wrap up his campaign with a rally Monday night at the Prince William County fairgrounds in Manassas.

Clinton said she does not expect to run for president again. She expects Obama to serve two terms if he's elected, and she stayed quiet on any future political plans.

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