Higher Speed Limits on More D.C. Roads

Mayor Vincent Gray Monday raised the speed limits on four additional roads in the D.C. area:

  • New York Avenue eastbound from Bladensburg Road to the Maryland line now has a 40 mile per hour limit; it will go to 45 mph. The same stretch eastbound will go from 35 mph to 40 mph.
  • Bladensburg Road from Mt. Olivet Road/17th Street to New York Avenue will go from 25 mph to 30 mph.
  • North Capitol Street from Michigan Avenue to Harewood Road will go from 35 mph to 40 mph.
  • And Canal Road from Chain Bridge to Foxhall Road will go from 35 mph to 40 mph.

Gray used an emergency rulemaking to make the change. He said in a statement that district transportation officials have reviewed roadways with automated speed enforcement and determined the speed limits on some district roads could be increased without affecting safety.

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