Heat, Broken Escalators Make for Sweaty Commute

The past few days have made for a sweaty commute for Metro riders, and Friday morning was no different.

Six escalators at the Dupont Circle station were out of order for the morning commute. Early Friday morning, crews were set up along the 20th Street side of the station, working on one of the escalators.

But for uncomfortable Metro riders, the crews can't fix the broken-down escalators fast enough.

The extreme heat has been tough for everyone -- especially commuters dealing with hot cars without air conditioning -- and those escalators at a standstill.

Metro crews worked throughout the day Thursday to get air conditioning pumping through the cars. One passenger News4 spoke with says that since it's so hot, you just have to be prepared.

"It's something you've just gotta put up with. Sometimes things happen and it's just another thing you've gotta do. Bring a towel with you or something cause you've got to wipe all the sweat off," said rider Will Nocon.

If the air conditioning is out in the Metro car you're riding in, Metro officials say to alert the driver by pushing the emergency intercom. You should also move two cars forward or back in order to find working A/C.

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