Head Shops Are Making a Comeback in D.C., Owners Say

Before D.C. legalized some possession and use of marijuana in February, the owner of the head shop on H Street NE couldn't legally let staffers or customers even mention the drug.

Now, months after the law has been in effect, sales of pipes, rolling papers and other accessories are brisk, said Michael Stamper, manager of Island Dyes.

"Back then we weren't allowed to use the term 'weed' in the shop. Now everything is fine," he said.

Not far away, in Adams Morgan, the store Capitol Hemp reopened this week. Owner Adam Eidinger said he's happy to be able to provide legal products customers want.

"Most people are coming here to buy a pipe because it's hard to find a good-quality, American-made pipe," he said.

Eidinger, 42, has advocated for marijuana legalization since he more than 20 years.

"I think i realized when i was 20 years old that everything I was told about marijuana being too dangerous to be legal was a lie," he said.

His store -- now at 1770 Columbia Road NW -- was closed several years ago after what he called harassment by law enforcement. He said the District's new laws have created a much better climate for business.

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