White House Party Crashers Transformed by Haiti

"Even vapid famewhores can do good things," says TMZ

Tareq and Michaele Salahi were in the spotlight in Las Vegas Saturday night. But this time, it seems they were busy redeeming themselves.

First, their red carpet at a nightclub inside Caesars Palace was yanked. Now the Salahis are giving something back, TMZ reports:

The White House Crashers hosted a party at PURE night club in Las Vegas last night -- and, as we reported, were paid $5,000 to do so. But Tareq announced during the party that the couple had waved [sic] its fee and encouraged everyone to donate money to relief efforts in Haiti

Then he asked the crowd to "shout for the people in Haiti and the victims." Not exactly a full transformation, but it's a start.

Amidst cheers and jeers (and a President Obama impersonator), the Salahis asked the crowd for "just $1" each for victims of the earthqake in Haiti. Because "even vapid famewhores can do good things," says TMZ.

And it's all about one's good intentions, right?

As for the evening's happenings, the event promoters at PURE said the Salahis and friends "enjoyed Veuve Clicquot Champagne and vodka drinks all night long, with the exception of Michaele, who stuck with water."

Michaele wore a "stunning black BCBG dress, black leggings and black Manolo Blahnik boots" while Tareq wore a "white Armani suit with a black shirt and black tie."

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