H Street Considers Liquor Cap

“We don’t want to be another Adams Morgan”

The growing popularity of the H Street corridor in northeast D.C. is pushing neighborhood leaders to consider a cap on liquor licenses.

More people who live along H Street have been complaining that there are too many bars and restaurants.  Some say it has become harder to find parking and all the nightlife has made their neighborhood too noisy.

Other popular D.C. areas, including Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle, have already adopted liquor license caps to curb their bar crowds.

H Street leaders want to keep the bustling scene from escalating to the reputation of Adams Morgan.

“We don't want to be the next Adams Morgan,” said ANC Commissioner Adam Healy.  “There's a little bit of that in the background too on people's mind; looking at 18th Street and wanting to make sure that H Street doesn't develop so quickly that you become something like an Adams Morgan.”

The next trendy eatery looking for a hot spot to open up shop might not like a beverage restriction. 

Three public meetings will be held over the next three months to get input from both residents and businesses on the liquor license issue.

“As H Street re-develops and there's more and more commercial activity -- we keep trying to make sure there's that harmony between residents who live here and businesses that do business on H Street,” said Healy.

The first liquor cap meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at the Sherwood Rec Center.

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