GWU Doesn't Think There's A Recession

GWU Doesn’t Think There’s A Recession was originally published on City Desk on Feb. 16, 2009, at 10:17 am

George Washington University is raising its notoriously high tuition. We are gonna have to update our story on the institution. Can someone please explain to me what GW is known for? Is it really worth the money? It can’t possibly be worth money.

AP reports:

“George Washington University’s board of trustees has voted to increase tuition by 3 percent to $41,610, for students who enroll this fall.

Trustees say the university will continue a program that locks in for five years tuition costs and university grants for students.

GWU’s tuition is among the highest in the nation. Incoming students will pay $51,775 to attend, which includes tuition, fees, room and board.”

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