Greenbelt Metro Station Could Get Upgrade

The Greenbelt Metro station will become more accessible to drivers under Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's $2 billion transportation plan.

Hogan announced Thursday he will allocate funds to constructing a full interchange around the Greenbelt station with two new ramps to make access to the station easier for commuters. The work could make the area around the station a more attractive pick for the new FBI headquarters.

Thousands of commuters use the Greenbelt Metro station in Prince George's County every day, but approaching it by car can be a challenge.

Coming from the Beltway, you can only access the station from the Inner Loop, headed south. When you leave, you can only exit to the Outer Loop, headed north.

"Getting here can be really challenging, especially if there's traffic," newcomer Tai Phoenix said. "Getting around the loop is challenging as well because it's mostly residential neighborhoods."

"If it gets the FBI here, do it," another commuter said about the plan.

Commuters are hoping the investment will pay off and bring 11 thousand FBI jobs to the area.

The improvements would be complete by 2020.

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