Rock Creek Park

Bright Green Water Spotted in Rock Creek Park; Here's Why

“Looks like the Hulk was in the area"

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Green water spotted in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park on Sunday raised some concerns — but officials say it was only a test. 

Photos show bright green water in Broad Branch, which parallels Broad Branch Road in Northwest D.C. and drains into Rock Creek.

A resident snapped pictures Saturday morning of the green water. Credit: Annie Mac
Here's another look at the green tint to Broad Branch on Sept. 12, 2021. (Credit: NBC Washington)

A few Twitter users posted photos showing the electric green water

“Looks like the Hulk was in the area,” one Twitter user said

DC Fire and EMS responded to Broad Branch on Sunday morning because of calls from concerned citizens. 

The green tint was the result of a dye test that water officials conducted Saturday along nearby Military Road NW as part of a project in Chevy Chase, DC Water spokesman John Lisle told News4.

Several backyards flooded during heavy rains, and the test helped DC Water determine how floodwaters move through Chevy Chase, Lisle said.

The dye is harmless, a representative for the utility said.

Stay with NBC Washington for more details on this developing story. 

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