Tuesday Evening Storms Heavier Than Expected Thanks to Surprise Appearance by the Sun

Well, the sun made an unexpected appearance after all, Tuesday, and that contributed to stronger storms than previously expected, according to Storm Team4.

While the storms weren't as strong as the storms Monday evening, they raiseda flood concern, because following all of the rain Monday, one more inch of rain inside the Beltway could cause flooding, Storm Team4 said.

Several warnings were issued during rush hour in Virginia Tuesday evening for thunderstorms west and south of D.C. 

Sunshine also broke out for a precious few hours Monday afternoon before storms and heavy downpours reached the region, drenching the ground with as much as an inch of rain per hour, toppling trees and leaving severe damage in some areas.

We could also see heavy rain again Wednesday night into Thursday, and there's also a chance for rain on Friday.

Hang in there, everyone.

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