Grand Theft Police Logos

Violent depictions of local police cruisers hit YouTube

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery. But don't tell that to some local police jurisdictions that are upset over YouTube videos depicting their cruisers in a video game.

Some users have uploaded clips from "Grand Theft Auto." They have all of the hallmarks of the popular and controversial game: characters stealing cars, shooting people, and picking up prostitutes.

But there are some distinct details in these videos people won't find in the retail version of the game.

Accurate depictions of police cruisers from Prince William County, Montgomery County, and Fairfax County are seen in these clips.

One video even shows a digital officer getting out of a Fairfax County Police cruiser to gun down citizens on the street.

The Fairfax County Police Department finds the videos in very poor taste," said spokesperson Don Gotthardt. "One of the reasons we find it in poor taste is because of the way the officers are depicted."

The Fairfax County Police Department has contacted YouTube to request removal of the clips. The creators of Grand Theft Auto, who did not make those clips, did not respond to inquiries Tuesday night.

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