‘Governor' Bowser? Council Considers Title Changes

How about Governor Muriel Bowser?

A D.C. councilmember proposes retitling the jobs of D.C.'s elected leaders to better reflect the fact that D.C. government serves as not just a city government, but that of a county -- and a state.

The District council would become a "legislature." Councilmembers would become "legislators."

No, it's not really statehood, but Councilmember David Grosso hopes it would be a constant reminder that the nation's capital wants that.

"Its important, I think, for us to begin to call ourselves that," Grosso said.

He noted that the Council has the power to change the titles. Now-Mayor Muriel Bowser supports the proposed D.C. constitution that was approved by voters last year, which also changes the titles.

Former Mayor Anthony Williams also backed the title change; he changed the title of the District's city attorney to "Attorney General" when he was mayor, in line with other states.

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