Gov. Larry Hogan Outlines Bill to Repeal ‘Rain Tax’

20141104 Hogan

Gov. Larry Hogan is pushing hard to repeal state-mandated stormwater management fees that critics call "the rain tax.''

Hogan, a Republican, outlined a measure on Tuesday that his administration is backing to do that.

Hogan says the measure wouldn't change requirements that 10 Maryland jurisdictions pay for cleaning polluted rain runoff that washes into the Chesapeake Bay. The bill would enable counties to find alternative ways of paying for them. Carroll County already is doing that.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is opposing the measure. The group says the current law creates funding for programs that counties had failed to produce on their own for years.

Hogan campaigned on ending the state-mandated fees. He says voters often asked him during the campaign about getting rid of them.

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