Gossip Blog Likes Fenty

Mayor makes Jossip's least loathsome list

Gossip blog Jossip has bestowed D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty with the honor of being one of the least loathsome people on the site's radar.

Fenty was the only politician selected for the Top 5 because he hosted President Barack Obama's inauguration "without getting anyone killed." The blog said the inauguration went more smoothly than anyone expected:

"Who is the least loathsome politician?" is sort of a trick question, but we gave it to D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty for being able to host the inauguration without anyone getting killed. In fact, that whole shebang went way more smoothly than most could have hoped for, with the exception of Ted Kennedy's stroke. And we're like 90 percent sure that Fenty had nothing to do with that.

There was no mention, of course, of the Purple Tunnel of Doom, in which many ticket holders were stranded while Obama took the oath of office, but at least no one suffocated in there.

Fenty was joined on the list by actor/comedian Norm MacDonald, for being every late-night talk show host's dream guest; author Ian McEwan, for sheltering Salman Rushdie; CNBC host Suze Orman, for her Valentine's Day plea in favor of gay marriage (and Kristin Wiig's "Saturday Night Live" impersonation); and journalist Tina Brown for keeping the blogosphere respectable with her Daily Beast.


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