GOP Demands Va. Chairman's Resignation, For Reasons Of Failure

Because any minute now, who knows what else Jeff Frederick will destroy from his Twitter?

The GOP has made its best decision in decades by asking Virginia state party chairman Jeffrey Frederick to resign his position, or face the ol' "ouster."

Because he is terrible, however, Frederick has vowed to fight on, which is the best proof thus far that he should be kicked out immediately.

Many might remember Jeff Frederick as "the Twitter idiot." Considering that "idiot" describes a full 100 percent of people on Twitter, it's quite an honor to be dubbed the idiot. Back in February, of course, the Virginia GOP was prepared to take over the state Senate by secretly luring a moderate Democrat to their side, until Jeff Frederick Twittered this news to everyone, and the deal was immediately called off.

Other important Jeff Frederick accomplishments since he took over in May 2008: losing the GOP a U.S. Senate seat, three U.S. House seats and -- and! -- the state's 13 electoral college votes in the state's biggest Democratic landslide in 44 years.

Frederick's greatest accomplishment, however, may have been telling a group of 30 campaign volunteers last October that Barack Obama and his best friend, Osama bin Laden, have a secret "scary" connection: "Both have friends that bombed the Pentagon." Haw haw haw!

Anyway, here's Frederick's response to all of his friends telling him to quit, forever: "I will not retreat from the commitment I made to the core of our party who clearly and unmistakably expressed their will at last May's convention."

He is the new Rod Blagojevich, but still nowhere near as important.

Jim Newell writes Obama-Osama jokes, which are always hilarious, for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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