GOP Roars Back With Alexandria Council Gains(?)

Road to Recovery paved with magical clip-art elephants, obscure strategies

Plunkee the Magical Space Elephant did it!

The Alexandria, Va., Republican cartoon mascot -- the manifestation of an exciting electoral math probability scheme exercised only in the most desperate of situations -- led his party to a whopping landslide during Tuesday night's city council elections. Republicans now hold two (2) seats on the six-member council, which basically constitutes a majority.

(Actually one of the GOP's two winners, Alicia Hughes, is an "independent," but Republicans are pretending she is one of them, because she is not a Democrat.)

This is an historic night, for Republicans. You may not think that winning 1.5 seats (entirely because the local party had ordered all Republican voters to exercise only 50 percent of their voting capacity) on a six-person mid-size city council means anything, really, at all. But that would be a stupid thing to think, so don't think it.

Allow blogger Soren Dayton of the conservative RedState blog to analyze this world-historical victory:

But the implications are bigger. Barack Obama won this county 72-27. Senator Mark Warner is from Alexandria. Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine is the Governor of Virginia.

Barack Obama lost today. The Democratic National Committee lost today.

Spot on. Barack Obama, he's president of the United States, right? Well Virginia is one of those states, so Barack Obama in effect is the president of Virginia. Katie Couric is from Virginia, as are Alonzo Mourning and Shirley MacLaine.

These people all lost today.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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