Co-Owner of Herndon Deli Claims $3 Million Mega Millions Prize

A co-owner of a Herndon, Va., deli was still working Monday after claiming a $3 million prize from Mega Millions.

In a Redskins sweatshirt and baseball cap, Glinda Salgado accepted a check from a lottery official who visited her at her family's Elden Market & Deli.

Salgado had purchased a ticket with five of the six winning numbers in March 14's drawing. The big jackpot was $353 million, but when she learned that a second-place ticket was sold at her store, she thought a customer had won.

After several hours, she checked her ticket and realized the truth.

"It was in slow motion; every number was matching and I was like, 'Is this for real?'" she said.

Salgado had chosen her own numbers; she'd dreamed of four of them and picked the other two at random. She had also bought a $1 "megaplier," which increased the value of the ticket.

"I gave it to my sister to verify, and she was excited," she said. "There were customers in the store so we didn't jump or scream or anything. So it was like, 'OK, calm down; be quiet; don't say anything.'"


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Salgado said she may pay off her mortgage and school loans, but she plans to keep working. In fact, she kept working the day she discovered she'd won.

"I'm still going to work here," she said. "I think the family is just going to pay off the mortgage, the school loans, some debt, you know."

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