17-Year-Old Girl Tased, Robbed of Shoes During Storm in Southeast DC

A group of men and women jumped a 17-year-old girl, Tased her and left her shoe-less during Wednesday evening's powerful storm.

The victim told News4 she was walking home from the Potomac Avenue Metro station about 7:15 p.m. that night when three men and two women robbed her at 14th and G streets in southeast D.C. One man was masked, and the others were hooded.

One of the women incapacitated her with a Taser on her wrist.

"It was like one of those Tasers that keep going if you hold the button, so they just kept holding the button," she said. "They didn't let it go."

They took her money, and one of the women took her pink shoes because they matched her pink coat, the victim said.

"It was some young person that had no training," her grandfather said. "Their parents don't care what they do."

The robbers ran from the scene, and the victim hid behind trashcans in an alley and called police, who found her soaking.

"I felt bad because there's nothing I can do," her grandfather said. "I can't run down there and beat up on everybody."

The victim helps take care of her bedridden grandmother.

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