Get a Big-Ticket Present? Think Twice Before Throwing Out the Box

Did you get a nice big TV for the holidays? One of those cool drones? Or a new computer?

Congrats. And if you want to keep it, take a few extra steps before you throw out the box.

Fairfax County Police issued a video warning Sunday warning people that theives sometimes watch for boxes outside homes to see if there are big-ticket items inside worth stealing.

That could lead to a home break-in.

It's a technique that police across the country have seen. "I've had suspects tell me they specifically targeted a home after they saw a box in a trash can," said Sheriff Mark Gower of Iron County, Utah, in a 2013 story from USA Today.

You can avoid being a victim by breaking boxes down and turning them inside-out, or by concealing them in larger bins or trash bags, Fairfax County police said, as part of their "12 Days of Holiday Safety Tips."

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