Georgetown University Partners With Uber for SafeRides Program

Georgetown University launched a two-week pilot program with Uber Thursday to find out how the university can reduce wait times during its peak SafeRides hours.

The SafeRides program allows students to get around at night in vans and shuttles instead of walking alone.

The pilot program was developed in partnership with the Georgetown University Student Association. It will allow students to use discounted Uber rides at night that start or end in the SafeRides zones when SafeRides wait times exceed 15 minutes.

The trial program will run during the same hours as the SafeRides shuttles, which are 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday on April 21-23 and April 28-30.

During the trial period, university neighborhood shuttle services will be offline but the university’s SafeRides van will continue to be available for SafeRides requests.

Those with questions or feedback about the program are asked to call (202) 687-5138 during business hours or email at any time.

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