Georgetown Students Warned: Don't Party in Burleith

Burleith residents being advised to document problems at student houses

Burleith residents have a warning for Georgetown Students: If you party in our neighbohood, we might call police.

Now that it's spring, residents are concerned that loud, unruly parties will crop up along with the blossoms. So the Burleith Citizens Assocation has started a new database where residents can file their complaints about noisy, unkempt or trash-filled properties in their neighborhood, according to Vox Populi. That way the complaints become historical record.

BCA President Lenore Rubino sent an e-mail advising residents to also call 911, and to call the Student Neighbor Assistance Program, or SNAP, which is like a party-busting service. But she said it's important to e-mail the BCA to document houses with noise and trash problems.

Rubino said the database will give neighbors a way to provide oversight on noise issue when they're talking to police officers. The BCA says to include as much information as possible, including address, time, and description of the noise or problem.

Some students say that calling 911 for noise complaints is a waste of city resources. And that many of the complaints are exaggerated or erroneous. Plus the students say the offending partiers would likely tone it down if their neighbors knocked on their door and asked nicely.

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