From Recess to Ramps

Students build access ramps for needy families

teens build ramp

With most schools recently finishing up the year, many area students are taking a little break, going on vacation, or starting to make a little extra money with a summer job. But one group of kids is going straight from books to building to help local families in need.

The program is called Ramp It Up! and these 23 high school students have already made a big impact in the short time they have been out of school. The group, sponsored by the non-profit Yachad, has already built two access ramps for families in Prince George’s county. One was built at the home of a mother and daughter who are both disabled and have limited mobility. The other went to the family of a six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy.

“Thanks to Yachad and the teen participants, they will be able to lead independent lives again,” said Roxanne Littner, Yachad’s lay President.

The construction of the ramps are all professionally designed and supervised, to make sure they are safe. Yachad says their goal is to mobilize professionals and volunteers to work side-by-side to repair and rebuild affordable housing and communities.

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