Fredericksburg Powerball Winners Donate $4 Million to Charity

Money will go to food bank and Habitat for Humanity.

NOTE: Some false emails have been sent by an unknown third party claiming to be the winners named in the article below. The message claims that the sender wants to give the email recipient a large sum of money. These claims are false.

Remember to never give your private information to anyone unknown who solicits private information online.

The Virginia couple who recently won a Powerball jackpot has donated $4 million to the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region.

The money will go to the food bank and Habitat for Humanity.

Dave and Nancy Honeywell stepped forward to claim the $217 million Powerball jackpot last month. Dave bought the ticket at a Lottery Express self-service machine at Richmond International Airport.

The couple opted to accept the one-time cash option worth $136.4 million before taxes, as opposed to receiving the full jackpot (minus taxes) in 30 annual payments.

The Honeywells also have a lot more time on their hands going forward. Thursday was Dave's last day working as a computer scientist for the Department of Defense.


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