Frederick Bans Smoking Inside, Near Public Housing

A plan to ban smoking in some Maryland homes in order to prevent fires and help children breathe easier raises debated about whether such a ban goes too far and how violators will be found.

A new policy in Frederick bans smoking inside and outside of public housing. The city expects neighbors to report violators staff members.

“Then if you are caught by a staff member, then there will be a step-by-step process of what may happen,” said Ryan Troute of the city housing authority.

The city is still deciding whether to use other methods of enforcement as well.

Violators will get up to two warnings, and they can erase the infractions with community service. Residents risk being evicting if caught three times.

“You have multiple chances to give back to the community and try to change your habits,” Troute said.

Reginald Cooley said it violates his civil liberties.

“They’re going to tell me that I can’t smoke in my apartment, but I can’t come outside and smoke,” he said. “What else are they going to tell me down the line?”

The new policy will be included in new leases and renewals beginning in September.

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