Fox Fond of Virginia Man's Washington Post Newspapers

Frank Kohn is not getting the most out of his subscription

A fox steals Frank Kohn's Washington Post
Frank Kohn

Remember Sweater Fox? The fox who allegedly bit people and stole someone's sweater in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2009? Well, there's a fox in Northern Virginia trying to surpass those shenanigans.

A Virginia man says a fox is stealing his copies of The Washington Post from in front of his Fairfax home off of Braddock Road over the past six weeks.

Frank Kohn’s newspaper disappeared several days in a row in mid-June, and he immediately suspected an animal was involved, he said. Kohn is a wildlife biologist and spent almost two decades working at the National Zoo.

He moved a wildlife camera to the front yard and said he has been capturing a fox, sometimes two foxes, stealing or pursuing his newspaper almost every morning.

The Newspaper Fox doesn’t steal the paper every morning but moves it or urinates on it almost every morning, Kohn said.

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