Four Pimps Arrested in Prince George's County, Two Girls Rescued

"Operation Cross Country" by the FBI netted more than 280 arrests of pimps around the country, including four in Prince George's County.

FBI agents told News4 many of the arrangements are now made online through escort services, with "home bases" set up at motels.

"It's not always the people you think," special agent in charge Steve Vogt said. "Sometimes people from seemingly good homes in the nice suburbs can [get] caught up."

Two teen girls were rescued by the FBI, including a 16-year-old girl from D.C. found in a Rockville motel. More than 160 others were rescued nationwide. 

"One was returned to their parents and one was taken to social services for help," Vogt said.

Four pimps were arrested in Prince George's County and another was found in Baltimore County. They will face federal charges.

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