Forty-Two Animals Rescued in Animal Cruelty Investigation in DC

The Humane Rescue Alliance rescued 36 dogs and six rabbits during an animal cruelty investigation in Southeast D.C. yesterday.

The animals were housed on the 2900 block of Branch Avenue Southeast in "extremely unsafe and unsanitary conditions," according to the HRA.

“The conditions in which these animals were forced to live in is gut-wrenching,” said Chris Schindler, vice president of field services at the HRA.

At the scene, the Humane Law Enforcement officers found 33 Great Danes, one Doberman, one pit bull-type dog, one chihuahua mix and six rabbits.

Credit: Humane Rescue Alliance

Upon entry, the smell of ammonia and feces "overwhelmed" the rescuers, the HRA said. Blood and feces also covered the walls of the space.

The officers found multiple Great Danes crammed into one cage and living among their own waste. One of the Great Danes is suspected to be pregnant, the HRA said. Officers also found the remains of several puppies in a refrigerator.

The Humane Law Enforcement officers obtained a search and seizure warrant after they received an anonymous tip regarding the amount of animals being housed on the property and their well being.

During the search, officers uncovered evidence "relating to the sale of animals," the HRA said. The case remains under investigation.

The rescued animals are currently being examined by a veterinarian at an undisclosed location.

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