Republican Former Virginia Senator John Warner Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton picked up another Republican endorsement, this time from former Virginia Sen. John Warner.

Warner, a Republican, appeared Wednesday morning with Democratic vice presidential nominee and current Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine in Alexandria, Virginia.

"I see in her today the same tenacity and understanding and desire to get in there and lead and maintain a strong military but in a respectful and dignified way," Warner said during an interview.

Warner served five terms in the Senate and has strong national security credentials. He is a former Navy secretary and Senate Armed Service Committee chairman.

Warner's endorsement strengthens Clinton's argument that she is better prepared to handle national security and foreign policy than rival Donald Trump.

During his comments, he criticized Trump for his comments on the military. 

"You just don't denigrate the uniforms of our country," he said. 

Warner and Clinton served together briefly in the Senate. He retired in 2009.

Clinton's campaign said this is Warner's first time endorsing a Democratic presidential nominee. She said she is honored Warner would trust her "with the weighty responsibility of being commander in chief."

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck said Virginians have "a great deal of respect for John Warner and rightfully so," but he criticized Clinton and the endorsement. 

"One endorsement from a former Senator won't undo the failed Russian reset, the Iran nuclear deal, Libya, or her utterly reckless handling of classified information," Whitbeck said in a statement. "That horse is already out of the barn, and not even John Warner can close the door."

Trump's Virgina Chairman Corey Stewart called Warner "the old guard Washington establishment that both sides of the aisle are rejecting." 

However, a new survey shows Virginians agree with Warner on his endorsement, saying Clinton, not Trump, has the right temperament and experience to be president. 

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