Former Probation Officer Convicted

Lakiesha Scott lied about her boyfriend’s whereabouts in connection with a shooting

A jury convicted a former probation officer from Capitol Heights of obstruction of justice.

Lakiesha Scott, 31, provided an false alibi for her boyfriend in a shooting case and testified before a grand jury.

According to court documents, Scott and her boyfriend were at her home on the morning of January 16, 2011 when Scott found out he had been seeing another woman.

The other woman began to call the boyfriends phone numerous times before Scott picked up the call and found out more about the relationship, according to police.

Authorities say Scott’s boyfriend left her home and went to the home of the other woman in southeast Washington.

The boyfriend got out of the car and walked towards the woman’s building. He saw her in the window and fired 11 rounds into the side of the building, police say.

In the moments following the shooting, Police say Scott tried to call her boyfriend multiple times but couldn’t reach him. Scott then called the other woman back and spent about ten minutes on the phone with her.

When police arrested Scott’s boyfriend, he said he was with Scott the entire morning and that she would confirm his story.

According to police, Scott confirmed her boyfriend’s alibi and said she knew nothing of the shooting. Scott also said that her boyfriend had been with her all morning except for ten minutes.

Scott later testified in front of a grand jury, stating her boyfriend was with her all morning expect for ten minutes that did not include the time of the shooting.

Scott faces up to 30 years in prison. Her hearing is set for April 20.

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