Former Prince George’s County Police Officer Accused Falsifying Worker’s Comp Claim

The grand jury indicted a former police officer on Thursday for filing a false worker's compensation claim.

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A former Prince George’s County Police officer allegedly falsified a worker's compensation claim, according to the Office of the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County.

Cpl. Melvin Kenney reported to his supervisor May 7 he had fallen in the District IV station parking lot as a result of wet pavement. However, surveillance video of the lot does not show Kenney falling or “doing anything that would explain the injury,” according to the state’s attorney.

After filing his injury paperwork with Prince George’s Police Department and seeing a claims specialist from CorVel Corp. May 14, Kenney was paid more than $3,500.

Kenney called out sick May 8 to visit a doctor, according to the state's attorney. He told the doctor his shoulder injury occurred four days prior to the date he originally told PGPD.

Once the allegation of Kenney’s misconduct surfaced, the department reassigned the officer to desk duty. Later he resigned which went into effect on Aug. 31.

“Following an internal investigation, the PGPD brought this case to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office,” said Chief Mark Magaw in an official statement. “When an officer betrays the integrity of the badge, this department takes those allegations seriously. We hold our officers to a high set of standards. Our community deserves nothing less.”

The grand jury indicted the former officer on one count of fraud and one count of theft. His court date has yet to be determined and Kenney faces up to 25 years in prison.

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