Former Mayor Becomes Vigilante Crime Fighter

Williams tracks down thief

Former District Mayor Anthony Williams apparently took the law into his own hands Wednesday on K Street.

Williams ran after and caught a thief who grabbed a package from a UPS truck, according to the Reliable Source.

The UPS driver yelled at the thief after seeing the package being swiped.  Williams was nearby and decided to do what any 57-year-old ex-mayor would do:  track the guy down on foot.

The Source goes into the poetic details:

"Williams sprinted down K Street shouting, 'Stop! Stop! You can't do that!' With the deliveryman right behind him, he caught up to the culprit -- who looked at the bow tie and stopped dead in his tracks."

Apparently the thief recognized the mayor, handed over the package and slipped into the crowd. 

No word yet on if the former mayor is investing in some super-hero tights to go with the bow tie...

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