“40 Years Went Down the Tubes”: Former Police Chief

"I was the chief of police. But it doesn't matter," he says

After getting caught drunk behind the wheel, David P. Baker is trying to do the right thing -- via YouTube.

The former Alexandria police chief, who lost his job in July after a fender-bender in Arlington County, stars in "Even a Police Chief Can Get Nailed During Drunk Driving":

"I was the chief of police. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter," he says in the video. "40 years went down the tubes in one night and I lost everything." 

Baker, who resigned from his position, speaks about the humiliation of being locked up for five days in jail and the shame he feels when going about his daily routine when someone recognizes him as the chief who got arrested.

"The humiliation and embarrassment and rocking of self-esteem, that stays with you....everyday I have periods of sadness," said Baker.

As part of his sentence, Baker had to give up his license for a year and complete 20 hours of alcohol education. A 90-year-old friend now drives him around.

During his time on the force, Baker used to work with the Checkpoint Strikeforce campaign and, when he was asked about being in the video, he decided it was a good idea.

He also has plans to speak out elsewhere, including to high school students and police academy cadets.

"If you ever get to the point where I was, think of me and hopefully you won't end up where I am," Baker said. "One day I was the police chief, and the next I was arrested."

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